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5 Magazines for 3 Years ₹. 6000

Most Marathi parents think that the children do not read now - they do not read anything in Marathi. Many people think that their time goes in TV, cricket, mobile, and video apps.

Do you feel the same? But why is this happening?

Tell us what we think about this - Marathi language of so many 11 crore people - sweet and effective, then why? One reason is that we only lower our language. English is the world language, it must be well, it should be well, but linguists say that if the mother tongue does not come well then our talent will not flourish in English. Therefore, it is important to read the lesson in the mother tongue.

So we publish 'Wayam' magazine for school children. In particular, thousands of Marathi children, even those who are studying in English medium, have given a huge response to 'Wayam'.

Some of these pages are in English. Good news, industry-visits, articles on fresh topics, creative activities, puzzles are published in 'Wayam'. Due to the quality of literature, attractive pictures, beautiful printing, Wayam magazine kids have started to love. Wayam's Advisory Board Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Kumar Ketkar, Achyut Godbole, Dr. Uday Nirgudkar, Rajiv Tambe and Shrikant Wad are senior people. Shubhada Chowkar is the Chief Editor of this magazine. Veteran actress Mrinal Kulkarni is 'Wayam's brand ambassador'. There are Achy PAL Arts Consultants.

Today there are many children who do not read because good material does not reach them. We have made a plan to reach such children. The name of this scheme is - Donation.

All you have to do is give us 6000 rupees. We send 5 days Wayam for the next 3 years to a school with a needy student majority. You can decide for yourself whether or not you want to fund the 'loan' scheme, or you can take help from us for it.

Adding the form of 'loanage' scheme. You can join this scheme by filling out one or more forms. 'Wayam' means all of you. You, we and you, we will reach out to some needy children every month.

Thank you
Shrikant Bapat, Publisher, Wayam

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