Reactions to the Bahruangi Bahar 2017 tournament


Many Thanks!

Dear Shubhadamashashi, Dear Anandakka,

Being the winner of 'Wayam Personality Development Contest 2017' I was praised by all people near and around in the vicinity. I'm quite thankful and grateful to Wayam team for giving me this opportunity.

My mother always says, "Well known writer, P. L. Deshpande, says, Nothing is as beautiful as being Thankful and nothing is as ugly as being Ungrateful." and this sentence has made a place in my brain for long now... Again a big thank you to Wayam for giving me this experience.

I left the drawing competition aside and attended this competition and the reason behind was to learn and experience something new from it. My intention got its success of feeling how it really feels to try something new. Group discussion was a new topic for me, debates were normal in our schools but never had a group discussion experience ever before. Group discussion leads to a conclusion on a topic and debates were simply meant for a fight on topic. This was all enjoyable. Everybody poured out their heart and spoke really well. Special Thanks and a big Hello! to Kranti Madam, she took good care of us being the participants in the juncture.

Talking about the next day, I was literally relaxed, no fear of getting selected, but raised curiosity in mind. And let me tell you when I got selected I was on the ninth cloud! And the hot seat seemed a real hot seat in literal terms, but credits to Anand Kaka who made us feel so relaxed and cool that we forgot what fear means. I knew 20-25 poems of Vinda but was unaware of Centenary year of Vinda, so that made me feel low.

In this whole journey, my slum friend Yasmin, got selected but could not attend the Competition, made me feel sad. But if she attends the camp then will it be allowable?

- Riya Nidhi Sachin Patwardhan, Ratnagiri


A unique contest!

Bahurangi Bahar competition was not just rejoicing moment for kids but also for Parent at the same time. 60 questions asked in the first round, were good food for thought especially for kids who enrolled. While writing the answers to them all kinds of expressions in terms of understanding level and judgemental ability came out to be defined.

Also in the second round, we could see confidence in every contestant to express views on any topic asked. In the third round too, Dr. Anand Nadkarni made the contestants so joyful that all started speaking to the mark and in comfort.

The 24th date was spent so well in the Kashinath Ghanekar Natya Gruha, that we meandered through various topics like politics, games, from natural terrains of Baramati to the Nashik Kumbhmela, etc. Along with the curriculum, these students are so good at extracurricular activities and we got to know about this secret after we came across this contest.

IPH is going to do the needful for the 50 selected candidates here. No doubt the guidance from IPH and Anand Nadkarni will lead to a fruitful success of these kids endeavor.

-Bhakti Amit Kotwal


Very nice experience

Bahurangi Bahar Competition is one of the best contests I know. In the first round of the contest, a questionnaire of 60 questions was asked to solve. The questions were based on EQ and SQ basically and they were of a good difficulty level too! For example, Q. 43 and Q. 44 was like if a teacher mocks at you then what will you do? On seeing this quest, I was like this has happened previously in one of my classes, but how do I write it out? and one of the questions were like, Write the good and bad qualities of Amitaab Bacchhan, Modi, Sachin, Ambani.

I surfed through the internet and found the bad qualities and was about to write them down and all of a sudden my father said, "We don't even know them personally, we have no clue of their qualities and behavior traits. how do we answer this question correctly then?" I completely agreed with my father.

Next round was of group discussion. They gave us different topics on the spot. We got to discuss the topic of "Discrimination". I was wondering what to say on this. As per my mother's guidance, I tried speaking few but precise and to the point. Like if there is discrimination then why is it because of, how to rid off the discrimination completely. Next topic was 'Uniform'. More than the group discussion, I could make more friends in less time with this opportunity.

The third round was an interview. First, we were segregated according to location and were taken up to the stage. Then we were asked to sit in the audience. Firstly they called a girl from our team and asked her to sit in front of 200 audiences. I started thinking that "When my turn comes up, what will happen God Knows." And the next turn was my turn, I was panic and I had a fret in mind while going on the stage. They asked me questions on IQ, some on my answer sheet, some out of the box. For me, two questions were 'out of the box'. One was on synonym, another was on the benefits of being lazy. After me, many contestants sang poems and told stories beautifully. Judges had gone through all our 60 answers to questionnaire very thoroughly. There was none of the pressure on us and the juncture went joyful and happily there. Dr. Anand Kaka was so supportive to us on and off the stage. After all this, the award ceremony took place. I was awarded at the ceremony. I liked the contest a lot.

Advaita Desai
ABG Goregaonkar School, Goregaon, Mumbai


In Search of Inner Feeling

"The outbreak of the technology,
Finding inner feelings, compete in tournaments, multicolor buffs"

Bahurangi Bahar! This is a never before success for me. After the interview round when I got to know that I'm among the top five winners, I could not express my happiness all over. Due to this contest, I could meet various personalities from various fields like Dr. Anand Nadkarni, Neelkantai Patekar, Samrudhtai Pore, Milind Bhagwat Sir, Parth Meena Nikhil Sir.

This contest brought a good change in my attitude towards me and others. Thought process changed. Many peers do so many different activities and this I came to know about from the Wayam Bahurangi Bahar contest. I found different friends here, I made a new friendship.

IPH and Wayam have taught us to look into ourselves and improve ourselves. Due to all this that I experienced, all of my old friends were also ready to jump in and make the most of.

---- Vedika Saalna, Badlapur, Standard -
IES Kathrap Vidyalaya, Badlapur


The journey to enrich yourself

"Bahurangi Bahar" this contest has led to a lot of difference in my daughter for sure, but as a parent, our Guardianship has begun to flourish. There was a difference seen in Vedika before and after the contest.

Though we know many things we should be able to implement them in our day to day lives and thoughts should target as per the knowledge, this was outlived by the contest organized by Wayam both by us as a parent and by Vedika as a contestant.

This contest is an encouragement to kids in order to know themselves so as to what qualities they have in them and what they can make of it. The journey of Bahurangi Bahar intensifies for knowing self in a better way and knowing what improvements need to be done and how to explore out of the box.

We are indebted to IPH and Wayam for having this opportunity for us and our kids. We wish best wishes for Wayam's future endeavor.

We are grateful to the IPH and the ages. With the wishes of 'Wayam'

- Vedika Saalna's Mother


Rich experience of Shidori

On 23rd and 24th September, "Bahurangi Bahar's" selected candidates had their round of the contest. What our young minds are about to do in the contest was a big question in every parent's mind and were tensed. In my opinion, I think It was a test time to give something different to the children, parents, Wayam and IPH team altogether.

Right from morning on 23rd group discussion started. All teams were given a timer and different topics to discuss on. Some were easy topics and some difficult ones. Many of them poured their heart out. We parent was not allowed inside, but we came about the environment there on hearing from our kids. They all shared the experience in such rejoicing way that we kept looking at them and their happiness.

Parent from so vivid locations came along with their kids to enroll, we met new people with this juncture. On 24th our kids showed such bright minded performance that we were overwhelmed at them. The tender age group was so enthusiastic, I felt so good looking at them. There were so many questions outbursting in our minds.

What does Bhaurangi Bahar really mean we marveled at it till the end, why this is done by Wayam to know the abilities of these tender kids, we wanted to know the intention behind this juncture. Old actor Neelkanthi Patekar had a good command on being witty, who was also the judge and jury theirs. They spoke precisely! to choose the right questions accordingly was just awesome. It seemed that they polished the brains of contestants. We remember each and everything they told to the contestant, its lingering in our minds yet. Also, awesome interviews were conducted by Parth Meena Nikhil, Samrudhi Pore, Milind Bhagwat.

Main Editor, Shubadha Chaukar, briefed us with a whole heart the whole story behind Wayam and IPH. We could meet Dr. Anil Kakodkar, we were pleased. They are so calm and reticent. They listened to our kids and praised them appropriately. This is a treasure chest for me and my son, we will cherish it forever.

- Netra and Hrishikesh Naarna, Badlapur


Hello to all Friends here

In 2016, I participated in this very different kind of contest named 'Bahurangi Bahar'. I got selected in this contest. Contestants from various districts in Maharashtra appeared here. We could exchange knowledge and conversations with them through this event. Previous year and this year in April I came across a varied Camping experience. I could meet Big well-known personalities here. Dr. Anand Nadkarni gave us career guidance in this camp. I could learn many new things through this campaign. I got a bucket of experiences through this camp. This made me go happy. If you too feel the same on reading the articles, then do join Bahurangi Bahar Contest 2018. All rules and regulations are mentioned in the registration questionnaire form. So register soon and experience something new! For more Check out this website.

-Asim Aavhaad


Hi friends,

In 2016 I witnessed a very rare competition which was a very interesting one. This competition initially had three stages for emerging as a winner. I was the very lucky one to have passed all three stages and emerge as runner-up. In this process, I got to know many things and was introduced to many talented children of Maharashtra.
As I was selected we all had a summer camp which was a fun-filled one with a lot of knowledgeable people coming and sharing us their knowledge. The camp taught me many new things that are needed to become a good human being.
I am thankful for wayam and IPH for all this. If you also want to enrich all these things please fill the questionnaire for BB 2018. All rules and information are provided in the questionnaire. So be fast and submit the questionnaire. For more information log in to

-Prajyot Walzade


Hello Dear Parent,

The previous year, we participated in a very different type of competition... That competition was 'Bahurangi Bahar Contest' and my daughter got selected in that competition. Before my daughter crossed teenage completely, she could experience this contest and the camp later on. In this age, girls are very conscious about their looks and appearance. This is natural and happens in that stage of life, but my daughter, just because of this competition could look deeper into her soul and know more about her good and bad qualities and what to work on more for improvement from within.

The April Camp has got us a change, I and my daughter are more of friends now. Vedika's personality and our parenting are getting better day by day. Do you want to experience the same that we are experiencing now?.... then come and join this year by registering the form available on FB page of Wayam. Every rule and regulation is mentioned and the procedure is also mentioned in the form. So fill the form soon and send it to Wayam via post. For More information visit website.

-Mrs. Nethra Hrishikesh Narvane.
(Vedika's mother)


Hello Friends,

I am Vedika Narvane. I took part in 'Bahurangi Bahar Contest 2017' which was a never before the type of contest for me. The happy thing about this experience was that I was selected as one of the top 5 students in the competition. After the interview when I sat on the hot seat, Dr. Nadkarni Kaka started introducing which made me feel cool. Then one more good thing about the contest was the Camp organized in April, many students and friends were talking on vivid topics in that camp. We were guided by many well-known personalities and we learned a lot from the camp and many doubts of we teenagers were cleared.

I think everyone should experience this type of difference in life... So are you guys ready to join Wayam along with us... to get the most from 'Bahurangi Bahar'? Then fill the registration form available on FB page of Wayam. Every rule and regulation is mentioned and the procedure is also mentioned in the form.
Then fill out the quick questionnaire and send it to 'Wayam' address! For more information visit website.

- Vedika Hrishikesh Narvane.
Standard VIII...
IES. Katrak Vidyalaya, Badlapur


Greetings Dear Parent,

'Bahurangi Bahar' is a different innovative experiment in Maharashtra. This begins with an amazing questionnaire to be answered. It is a joyful and pleasant moment for both parent and students. More than this the best part is the camp for personality development. We think it is not only an introduction to the competition, but also it is the beginning of self-realization. We are observing positive changes in our daughter Isha, and the credit goes to Wayam Contest.

The questionnaire is just an excuse, but this will make them peep into their self and improve their flaws in a better way. Maybe with is the students can get a clear picture of their goal in life. This will guide them their path to achievement also. Perhaps, this could also give birth to a different you.

'Bahurangi Bahar' will create a positive change in the life of young minds and I think every youngster should participate in this contest, its a good opportunity to make the most of. Then, fill out the questionnaire and send it to 'Wayam' address! Visit for more information.

- Mrs. Chaya & Shri Sameer Marathe
(Ishita's parents)


Greetings Dear Parent,

Previous year my kid had participated in such an innovative contest. That competition was none other than 'Bahurangi Bahar Contest!'. My son Aashay Godhbole was selected in that contest. This gave my son an opportunity to learn something new and beneficial.

Then in summer vacation, he went for a summer camp organized by Wayam. He could meet many different well-known personalities. This brought a positive change in his personality and thought process. We parent are very happy on this new innovative experiment of Wayam.

You too might be feeling to experience the new thing right? then come and register for the upcoming year's 'Bahurangi Bahar Contest' now. Then fill out the quick questionnaire and send it to 'Wayam' address! For more information visit

-Savani Godbole
(Mother of Aashay Godbole, the winner of the multi-year long tournament of 2016


Greetings Dear Parent,

Last year, my daughter, Mudra Pandey, took part in 'Bahurangi Bahar Contest'. She got selected for the contest after filling out the questionnaire and sending it to Wayam via post. She got a chance to meet different students from different cities and districts of Maharashtra and have a conversation with them. She has learned a lot many things from this opportunity. She realized that real honesty is the best policy and you should never stop being honest.

Also, she could freely speak her heart out just because she was a part of this contest which brought this positive change into her. Also, she could attend a camp in the summer organized by Wayam. She could interact with different aspects of life on the go. Life has got many things and she should be able to respect different views, opinions, and perspectives in life. She learned all this via the camp and contest. Also, the curriculum is not sufficient, one should take out time for hobbies too and explore many things apart from the curriculum. We are happy about this experimentation of Wayam.

After listening all this, I'm sure you are feeling to make your next move and participate.
If you are excited to hear it, then fill in this year's 'Bahurangi Bahar' - 2018 questionnaire. The rule is written in all the questionnaire. Then fill out the quick questionnaire and send it to 'Wayam' address! Visit for more information.

- Rajshri Karlekar
(Ms. Mudra Pandey's mother)


Greetings Dear Parent,

Previous to the previous year, my son Siddharth, participated in 'Bahurangi Bahar Contest'. The questionnaire of this contest was filled very honestly by my son and posted to Wayam on the address mentioned. By reading his answers I could rate my child's thought process in a better way. I found a different Siddharth with good capabilities. He was selected in the crowd of 50 students. Then in top 10, he won a consolation prize. Then in the month of May, he got an opportunity to attend a camp organized by Wayam. The camp was quite awesome. This raised his confidence and changed his personality positively.

We parent are very happy on this 'Bahurangi Bahar' experiment. The reason behind happiness is that our kids will go through a beneficial process of the camp which will enhance their qualities. They become fearless and confident too, this activity is quite beneficial. They are guided by the right people at the right time at the camp. They are showing healthy and appropriate seeds in the mind of these youngsters.

If you are excited to hear it, then fill in this year's 'Bahurangi Bahar' - 2018 questionnaire. The rule is written in all the questionnaire. Then fill out the quick questionnaire and send it to 'Wayam' address! For more information

-Ajay Sawant
(Siddharth Sawant's father)


Hello to All Friends,

Two years back, I participated in this innovative 'Bahurangi Bahar' contest and was selected in the same... I could meet students from different parts of the state... and I went on camp with those new friends that I made in the contest. It was a beautiful experience in all... Different subjects by different elder people were conducted and they taught us many different things. It was fun out there learning new things.

This camp proved to be a fuel for a complete upcoming year. You too after hearing this might have thought about attending and participating.
If you are excited to hear it, then fill in this year's 'Bahurangi Bahar' - 2018 questionnaire. The rule is written in all the questionnaire. Then fill out the quick questionnaire and send it to 'Wayam' address! Visit for more information

-Abha Patwardhan