Bahurangi Bahar Contest


'Bahurangi Bahar' - In search of 'All Rounder talent' in Children!

Bahurangi Bahar Congratulates

Good wishes!

We would love to share a great new project with you today. This competition, which means 'Bahurangi Bahar' - a unique personality contest, will be fun for you to enjoy and participate in the start of the school's year!

You may ask, what is the new matter? And for whom is this competition? Multitalented students and students from seventh grade to ninth grade in Maharashtra can participate in this competition. Now the question is, who is 'Multi-Talented' ('हरहुन्नरी')?

The answer to this question keeps changing from time to time as it flows. With the revolution, based on scientific data, the answer to intelligence has drastically changed. In the last century, as the Physiology and Education System improvised, researchers faced problems like, what is intelligence and how to measure it. The ability of logical thinking, mathematical ability, behavioral traits, general knowledge, problem-solving, etc has been included under the name of intelligence. Based on this, many IQ tests have been used in intelligence tests. Linearly, we came to know that intelligence is not limited to this. Because those who measure best in these categories are not necessarily successful in their lives. On the basis of this observation, Research of these two topics received more success, pace and different ways in research.

First topic, Sentiment - The one who is powerful with emotions is seen as more successful and happy. Where does Emotional power come from? Considering and concerning emotions of ones and others, acceptance of their sentiments and behaving accordingly. To represent a combination of intelligence and sentiments we use a traditional word "Pradnya"("प्रज्ञा").

The second topic, Thoughts of multiple intelligence - Means Bahurangi Buddhi (बहुरंगी बुद्धी) A person who applies maths with music not necessarily can apply bookish maths as easily as maths applied in the presence of music. Person best in Sports not necessarily ought to be a double graduate. Without knowing any business knowledge, one can also become a good entrepreneur. In our day to day lives, we see many live examples, we have to go beyond the traditional definition of intelligence. Researchers have come up with 60 different flavors of intelligence. Some people bring intelligence with numbers (Prof. Ramanuja), some bring musical intelligence. (Lata Mangeshkar), some are good and smooth with devices, some are good with humans. Some intellectuals take the principle of any field. Some of them have a sense of wisdom in any field, and some people use a tool that uses them.

Bahurangi Bahar Congratulates

Interestingly, some people are very proficient in one's intelligence, but it does not have a balance ... That is, a good scientist can be ineffective, whereas a highly creative artist may not be able to identify close relatives sometime. That is, the person in whom there are more than one Flavors of wisdom and that person's life is full of all the time, he/she can enjoy life but also contribute to the society. From this thought, this experiment was born. Even if you name it as a 'competition', it is an Educational, social, cultural and psychological project. If there is such a profound aspect of personality in the middle ages, then such other students will get encouragement. We are thinking of implementing schemes like special developmental and quality guidance in the future for students and students who are participating in this program and competing in the eligibility rounds. You will also be able to read the detailed information about the nature of this project and the details of the steps in this regard. We believe that this project, which was undertaken for the first time in the cultural world of Maharashtra, will get a great response from the students, parents, and teachers.

Shubhada Chaukar (Editor 'Wayam')
Dr. Anand Nadkarni (President IPH)

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