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Our major plans

Word of Mouth

'Wayam Referral Program'

You know that 'Wayam' is a magazine for teenage children. From reading thoughts, thoughts to development! Like this motto 'age' is a useful magazine for the overall development of children. 'Wayam' means all of you. .......

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Various Competitive - Activities

Children from school age are published in recent activities such as fresh activities, daily science, fine literature, artwork, experiments, puzzles, useful websites, quality stories, industry-visits, articles on fresh topics, creative activities, puzzles.

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Bahurangi Bahar Spardha

'Bahurangi Bahar Contest'

We believe that this project, which was undertaken for the first time in Maharashtra's cultural universe, will give great response to the students, parents and teachers. Today, the verse 'Vyam' is for what exactly is the nature of this activity and the steps in it!

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About Us

Most Marathi parents think that the children do not read now - they do not read anything in Marathi. Many people think that their time goes in TV, cricket, mobile, and video apps. Do you feel the same? But why is this happening? We think so about this, Marathi language of more than 11 crore people - sweet and effective, then why? One reason is that we only lower our language. English is the world language, it must be well, it should be well, but linguists say that if the mother tongue does not come well then our talent will not flourish in English. Therefore, it is important to read the lesson in the mother tongue. The students of school age have started monthly magazine ' Wayam ' magazine so that they can read and write the latest developments, daily science, fine literature, artwork, experiments, papers, useful websites etc. Our monthly distribution was mainly in schools and libraries. Also, readers of 'Vyam' are recruited by reading students, teachers and parents.

The motto of 'Wayam' is 'read from thought, thought through development'!

Expert in various subjects writes in 'Age'. Each month, there is a very interesting article about how to attract a new topic. Most of the text in 'Vyam' is in Marathi, and in these Marathi magazines, one or two articles / articles are in English. Good news, industry-visits, articles on fresh topics, creative activities, puzzles are published in 'Vyam'. Due to the quality of literature, attractive pictures, beautiful printing, 'age' magazine kids have started to love.

In the first four years, the 'Age' issue has received various awards. This includes the award of the Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad (MSP), Konkan Marathi Sahitya Sangh (KMSP), Kalyan Public Library, Marathi Newspaper Writer Sangh, Weekly Ulhas Prabhat, Dinmark Publications

Vachan Spardha Result


On 15th October, many schools of 'Wayam' have been selected in many schools on the day of reading. School Education Minister Vinod Tawde has given him a copy of 'Wayam' for giving school children to school.









Phone Number - 022 - 25986270

Address - 'Vyam', Labindia, Vandana K.O.H. Society, 3rd Floor, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Near Vandana Cinema, Thane 400602.

Email - info@wayam.in