इयत्ता ७वी ते ९वी तील मुलांसाठी! ‘बहुरंगी बहर’- एक अनोखी व्यक्तित्त्व स्पर्धा!

Bahurangi Bahar Contest


'Bahurangi Bahar' - 'Harhunari' children's research project!

Bahurangi Bahar Congratulates

Good wishes!

Today, on a rainy monsoon, you want to share a great new project with you today. This competition, which means 'Bahurangi Bahar' - a unique personality contest, will be fun for you to enjoy and participate in the school's new year!

You will ask, what is the matter? And for whom is this competition? Harihannari students and students from seventh grade to seventh grade in Maharashtra can participate in this competition. Now the question is, who is 'Harhunari'?

To answer this question,

The answer to this question of 'intelligence' is changed by the basis of the classical information of time. In the past century as the development of psychology and pedagogy developed, the problems of intelligence and how to measure it came to the editors. The ability to think logically, the ability to think mathematically, to understand the behavior, to understand the common sense, to solve the difficulties, was included in intelligence. Based on this, many IQ tests have also been used in intelligence tests.

Gradually, I realized that intelligence is not limited to anything. Because many of the best in this measurement are successful in life but not so. Due to such observations, the research in two subjects got a lot of speed.

The first topic came, 'Bharatnation' - A person with an emotionally high potential is more likely to be successful and happy. Emotional competence comes from what? Know the feelings of yourself and others, accept and adapt them accordingly! The word 'pragya' in Sanskrit has been used to coincide with the traditional definition of intelligence and good feelings.

The second theme, 'Thoughts of many intelligence' means 'multi-minded intellect'! A person who easily acquires the mathematical calculation of tabla is unthinkable in the book math ... A person who has an amazing talent should not be a double graduate ... Any business school can be a deserving entrepreneur without taking education ... It is proven by many examples of continuous looking patterns in the transaction Having done that, the distinction of intellectuals is freed from traditional windows Which. Researchers discovered more than 60 different flavors of intelligence. Some people bring intelligence with numbers (Prof. Ramanuja), while some Surrealistic intelligence (Lata Mangeshkar), some can work with the machine in a tenaciousness and ease, while others some people ... Some intellectuals use the principles in any field, and some people use them Doing a tool.

Bahurangi Bahar Congratulates

Interestingly, some people are very proficient in one's intelligence, but there is no equilibrium ... that is, a good scientist can be ineffective, whereas a highly creative artist can sometimes not be able to identify close relatives.

This means that the person in whom there is more than one Flavors of the intellect and that person's life is full of all time, he / she may enjoy life but also contribute to the community.

From this thought, this experiment was born. Even if you name it as a 'competition', it is an educational, social, cultural and psychological project. In such a case, if other such aspects of personality come to mind, then such other students will get encouragement. We are looking forward to implementing such schemes as special development programs and quality guidance for the students and students who are doing well in participating in this program and doing well in the qualifying rounds.

You will be able to read the exact description of the nature of this project and the details of the steps in this regard. We believe that this project, which was undertaken for the first time in Maharashtra's cultural universe, will give great response to the students, parents and teachers.

Shubhada Chaukar (Editor 'Vyam')
Dr. Anand Nadkarni (President IPH)

Reactions to the Bahruangi Bahar 2017 tournament –

Many Thanks!

Dear Shubhadamashashi, Dear Anandakka,

Due to the winner of 'Age Personality 2017', there is a lot of appreciation everywhere. Thank you very much for the ' Wayam ' team, thank you! Mother says, "P.L. To say, there is nothing as beautiful as gratitude and there is nothing terrible as ungratefulness. "It has been noticed ... thank you for bringing this experience !!

I wanted to learn from the painting that I had come to the competition for the competition and learned the same thing. I experienced it! The group discussion was a new topic for me. In our school there was 'Debate', (but there was a discussion with the same thing) but the discussion group was a completely new topic. Her 'Big Hello'!

On the second day I was very relaxed, fear of selection was not at all sound, but curious. When I got my selection, I was in the air ... flies flying out of the mood; Just sitting on the hot seat, we got very hot, but the fans ran away farther from the fear that we were so cool and relaxed. I am not aware that 20-25 children of Vinand are following me, but I am not aware that their 'birth centenary year' was bad.

It was a bad idea that despite my choice of Yasmin, who was staying in my slum, I could not get it. But if you come to that camp, will you?

- Riya Nidhi Sachin Patwardhan, Ratnagiri


A unique contest!

Bahurangi Bahar 'was a great experience for parents as well as for parents. The 60 questions asked in the first round were designed to make the children intro and thought. Writing answers to these questions, children's thoughts, their feelings, their opinions are easily expressed. In the second phase, the confidence of asserting your own opinion is seen in children. Third Interview Interview Anand Nadkarni spoke to the children in smile. On 24th of December, we sat in the playroom of Kashinath Ghanekar and we went from the politics to the game from the green map of Baramati to the Kumbh Mela of Nashik. Parents are aware of this competition as to how well all these children who are studying many artistic skills are studying. The IPH organization is going to face the challenges of the 50 selected in this competition. Dr. This guidance from Anand Nadkarni and the IPH organization will brighten the future of these children, no doubt!

-Bhakti Amit Kotwal


Very nice experience

Bahurangi Bahar 'is a very good competition. It had 60 questionnaire questions in the first round. Those questions were based on the EQ and SQ. But the question was difficult but it was difficult! Eg Question no.44 and 44 - There was a question that what would you do if a teacher scoffed at you? I said, "Oh my father, I have just been in a class; But how to write it? "In one question, Amitabh Bachchan, Modi, Ambani, Sachin had to write good and bad qualities. I searched and wrote bad qualities on the internet, so Baba said, "You do not know these people themselves, they do not have any experience with their behavior. How do we say things that are not in their nature? "

The second round is a group discussion. The different topics are given at the beginning. We got the first topic 'discrimination' in it. I just got a question. As told by the mother, I tried to speak less, but I tried to talk about it. That is, if there is a discrimination then what is it, then how can we solve it, talk about it. The latter topic was 'Uniform'. It was the first time I made acquaintances with many people in a very short time, compared to the group discussion.

The third round was 'Interview'. First we raised the districts and brought them to the stage. After that we sat down in the auditorium. First he called one of our girls and placed them in front of 200 audiences in the middle of the stage. I said in my heart, "I do not have anything to do with my turn." But next time I was there. Jam was afraid of going to the stage. They asked me some questions on the craft, some on my answer sheet and on some boxes. Two questions for me were 'out of box'. What is the second name of the box? And 'laziness benefits'! Many of my children after me say very nice songs and poems. The testers had made a deep reading of our 60 answers. He did not put pressure on us and he did the program laughing. Anandakaka took great care of the stage. Afterwards the prize ceremony was over. In that I got the title. I really liked this tournament.

Advaita Desai
ABG Goregaonkar School, Goregaon, Mumbai

In Search of Inner Feeling

"The outbreak of the technology,
Finding inner feelings, compete in tournaments, multicolor buffs"

Bahurangi Bahar! I got a different success! After the interview, when I came to know that I have come to the first step, then the bliss is unbelievable!
Due to this competition, Many of the dignitaries from various fields like Anand Nadkarni, Nilkantitai Patekar, Samrudithai Pore, Milind Bhagwat Sir, Parth Meena Nikhil Sir came to meet me very closely.
The competition changed my attitude towards myself and others. The thought process changed. Know that the competition from my children is very much what my kids are doing. Got new friends.
Together with the IPH and the two old organizations, we have taught our children to look at themselves. Because of this experience, many of my acquaintances are also eager to seek insights.
---- Vedika Saalna, Badlapur, Standard -
IES Kathrap Vidyalaya, Badlapur


The journey to enrich yourself

The "Bahurangi Bahar" competition has changed a lot in my daughters, but our parents have started to prosper as my parents. The people of the house had seen the change in the Vedika and the first venerable Vedika in this competition.

Even though we have a lot of things, we need to scatter the range of thoughts and use our capabilities properly, this rich experience has given us this tour of the competition as Vedika and our parents.

The 'Bahurangi Bahar' competition is a competition for children's senses. The multi-colored blossom and workshops available on the same journey are meant for children to identify themselves at each stage and enrich themselves by competing with themselves.

We are grateful to the IPH and the ages. Wish the wishes of 'Wayam'

- Netra and Hrishikesh Naarna, Badlapur